Feel Free With Organic Cotton Hijabs

Organic Cotton Fabrics and Hijabs

We bring comfort and elegance to hijab form with the breathing texture of organic cotton. We carry the quality of Turkish cotton and the breeze of Turkish hijab fashion all over the world. You can carry the hijab fashion to your clothing with Swan Istanbul organic cotton hijab models with different color and design options.

Features of Organic Cotton

Made of organic cotton and woven fabric, hijab models add style and comfort to your clothing, especially in summer. Thanks to the fiber structure of natural cotton that does not restrict the air permeability, your scalp breathes. One of the characteristics of cotton fibers is that they are moisture absorbent. Special fabrics that absorb sweat rapidly in summer heat provide your skin to be comfortable. The fabric, which has anti allergic features, can be used easily on sensitive skin.

  • To use the unique texture of organic cotton fabric for a long time, you should take care of its cleaning and care. To preserve the form of this quality and natural fabric, you can wash it separately in 30 degrees water, hand or machine.
  • As stain remover, you can use special cleaners for the scarf.
  • Drum or hanging drying is not suitable for delicate cotton fibers. You can preserve the natural appearance of the fabric by the spreading drying method.
  • You can iron the special fabric that does not crease easily, if needed, at the lowest temperature.
  • Organic cotton hijab models are also suitable for dry cleaning.

Organic Cotton Production

No harmful chemical components are used in the production of cotton, which is preferred in hijabs. With environmentally friendly techniques, we collect quality cotton grown in organic soil with sustainable harvest techniques when the fiber length is sufficient. Quality cottons become the raw material of stylish designs by being dyed with advanced technology techniques, without the use of chemicals.

Simple and Stylish Designs

We set a modern and trendy line in the design of hijab models. While creating timeless designs, we consider your comfort as well as your style. We bring the harmony of colors to your daily wear with the smooth transition of the tone-on-tone style. We balance the soft and fluid texture of the cotton fabric with striped patterns. Suitable models for daily wear are also influenced by Turkish trends.

You can easily purchase models that adapt to every style with different color options on Swan Istanbul. You can have a safe and fast shopping experience by choosing us for your organic cotton hijab shopping.

We leave a bouquet of our love and organic cotton hijabs below for you.

organic cotton hijabs